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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions. 


Alan Frost is a Blue Badge qualified tour guide and acts under the rules of the Institute of Tourist Guiding. Public Liability insurance is supplied by being a member of the British Guild of Tourist Guides and the Association of West Country Tour Guides.

To make a booking.

Alan Frost can be contacted by the means described on this website, by e-mail or telephone. If contacting by telephone, and a message is left please speak clearly and leave contact details so you can be contacted as soon as possible. 


Once a booking has been confirmed the date/s will be closed. A confirmation must include accurate information of the details of the service, such as times, places to be visited, number of passengers (including any information which could be useful to the guide when planning a tour or itinerary, particularly for any one with a disability). 

Third Parties.

Where a “Third Party” is engaged, they must be paid within their terms and conditions, in advance of the date of engagement by the client. “Third Party” could include a transport supplier (such as a coach company or chauffeur driven car), or a restaurant.  


The services of a fully insured professional Blue Badge qualified tour guide, registered with the Institute of Tourist Guiding and member of the British Guild of Tourist Guides. For tours by car, services of a professional Blue Badge tour guide plus chauffeur in a hired vehicle insured for ‘Private Hire’ bookings.

Not Included.

Entrance charges, meals, public transport, gratuities etc and incidental expenses.


A quote will be given in advance as many tours are bespoke, fees being in line with those recommended by the British Guild of Tourist Guides. Charges will be itemised and invoiced. Half Day tours are quoted as up to 4 hours and Full Day for tours up to 9 hours.  Tours which fall short of the maximum hours for a Half or Full day tour will be charged at the given rate unless otherwise agreed. Where a tour needs to exceed the stated hours overtime may be charged but will be quoted for.

Payment Terms.

Full payment will be due 14 days prior to the tour unless ‘payment on the day’ has been agreed in advance when it will be due at the commencement of the tour. Payment can be made in cash, by cheque drawn from a British bank or electronic bank transfer with any charges being paid at source.

Itinerary planning.

In some cases a fee will be charged for writing specialised bespoke itineraries but will only be charged if , after delivery of the itinerary, that tour is not confirmed or later cancelled.

Walking Tours

In the interests of safety, the advised maximum group size for a walking tour is 20 persons. Student groups must be accompanied by a tutor or other responsible adult.  For larger groups or if in the opinion of the guide for safety reasons an additional guide may be employed, at the expense of the client. If, during a walk, an incident or other circumstance arises which could compromise safety, the guide reserves the right to terminate the walk.  

Coach and vehicle tours.

Tours using vehicles are priced per group and not per person. Prices quoted are in British Pounds Sterling. When providing vehicles and drivers for groups or individuals these must be fully insured. Guiding services by car will involve booking a Private Hire Vehicle with an appropriately qualified driver. See the ‘Third Party’ paragraph regarding payment. Coaches provided for a tour must be equipped with a working microphone and PA system for use by the guide. I reserve the right to cancel or terminate a tour if there is no working microphone. A working microphone essential in order to transmit instructions and safety announcements to passengers.

Cancellation Charges

It is necessary to receive notice of cancellation prior to commencement of services:

Up to 14 days- Full refund less deposit, any non-refundable payments due to suppliers, other        out-of-pocket expenses, charges for services rendered and administration costs, if any.

13 to 8 days- 50% of the guiding services fee.

7 days to 48 hours- 75% of the guiding services fee.

After 48 hours- No refund of the guiding services fee. In addition all cancellation charges will include non-refundable payments due to suppliers, other out-of-pocket expenses, charge for services rendered (e g itinerary planning if required) and administration costs if any. In the event that cancellation is made after payment has ben received, Alan Frost, will refund monies based on the above tariff. In exceptional circumstances Alan Frost may choose to wave the charge.